Hi, I'm Carey!

I am a Pittsburgh-based portrait photographer, specializing in children and families. I put the minds of busy parents at ease by capturing families just as they are in a fun and relaxed way resulting in beautiful, true-to-life photographs. I have lived in Pittsburgh since 2008, and I am proud to call it home. I live with my husband and two sons in Regent Square. I am a computer scientist, turned chef, turned mom, turned photographer. I also enjoy growing (and photographing) my own food and sunflowers - like the one above. I include a sunflower in my logo because to me it represents pure happiness, which is what I aim to capture with my photographs.

Headshot of Carey Palenchar, owner of Carey Palenchar Photography

Photo by Shannon Konek

How it started

I started taking photographs in high school to remember the fun times with my friends. As I got older, I upgraded my gear and learned the technical aspects of photography. Now, I am so lucky to be able to capture the love that each unique family has and the curiosity, fun, and innocence of each child.

Carey photographing at one of her favorite locations, The Frick Pittsburgh

Carey photographing at one of her favorite locations, The Frick Pittsburgh

Why photos matter

It is important to me for families to have the traditional posed portraits in addition to lifestyle images that capture the interaction between family members. My ultimate goal with my photography is to preserve a moment in time and to show how much you and your love ones enjoy each other. These are the photos future generations will treasure.

Carey Palenchar, lifestyle family portrait photographer, with her family during a photo shoot

Carey and her family (Photo by Shannon Konek)

Always Be Learnin'

Here I am at a photography event at Carrie Blast Furnace, a historical landmark in Pittsburgh, PA. I am continuously learning and growing as a photographer by attending workshops, taking classes, reading books, experimenting with new techniques, talking with other photographers, and participating in photo critiques. As a hobby, I like to photograph landscapes, flowers, food, and animals.

Photographer posing with camera in front of the Carrie Furnace in Pittsburgh, PA

Photo by Amy Tedrow