Fun at home with a four year old, an Airedale Terrier, and a vintage Jeep

There are many reasons to have your next family photo session at your home:

  • Brr, it's cold out!
  • Your family might be more relaxed in a familiar environment.
  • You want to capture your house, pet, or even car in the photos to remember them for years to come.

For this family, the showcasing their house was very important. It was a childhood home that they recently remodeled. The images from their session not only show their beautiful family as it is in this moment, but also their house that is so meaningful to them. Including their sweet dog and beloved Jeep were the extra details that made this session uniquely them.

Please enjoy some images from their in-home family lifestyle session!

Mom, Dad, and daughter in a couch in Pittsburgh during an in-home lifestyle photo session
Black and white image of Mom, Dad, and daughter with their dog in the couch
Photograph of girl watching her dog chew a bone on the carpet during a family photo shoot
Black and white photograph of girl wearing heart sunglasses in Pittsburgh, PA
Mom and daughter doing a puzzle on the carpet of their house in Pittsburgh, PA
Lifestyle photograph of Mom and girl doing a puzzle with Dad and dog in the background
Girl joking checks Dad's heart during an in-home family portrait session
Mom, Dad, child, and dog cuddle in the carpet in Pittsburgh, PA during a family photo shoot at their house
Black and white picture of girl sneaking in her living room in Pittsburgh
Black and white photo of girl jumping off her couch at home in Pittsburgh